After months, Northern Areas host the flow of Tourists.

Northern Areas

Yes, amid deployment of PPE-equipped extra police force and traffic, the tourist spots start opening, and people thronged Murree and adjoining areas, it has been four months that the government had imposed restrictions on the resort town.

The lockdown restrictions on the tourism sector are to be officially lifted on Aug 8, but the barriers put at the entry points of Murree and Satra Meel toll plaza lifted on Aug 6, thanks to Punjab government.

However, restaurants, cafes, marriage halls, and other public meeting places will be resumed from Aug 10 for which standard operating procedures (SOPs) will be finalized soon.

If you are also planning to go up north, make sure you will be stuck in long queues of traffic jams on roads of Murree and hotels would be charging high rates or maybe they would have filled to their capacity.

Sadly, despite a ban on hill stations during the Eid holidays, tourists boarded to Murree; traders and hoteliers expressed satisfaction over the decision of lifting the lockdown, as the majority of people living there are dependent on the tourism industry.

Following the government’s decision to resume tourist spots and activities, the Rawalpindi police and chief traffic officer started taking special measures, ensuring the safety of tourists and providing them hassle-free traffic flow.

Even an additional police force – traffic police and 125 extra police personnel- has also been deployed in Murree, which will remain till the end of the tourist season.

A spokesperson said that special pickets enforcing a ban on pubic entry into Murree had been removed while 96 wardens, including 11 inspectors, 33 extra wardens, and junior wardens, have been deployed in Murree.


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