Alhamdulillah, COVID-19 is under-control – fewer than 400 in a day


After two weeks, the capital reported 771 cases of Covid-19 in a day; the administration is claiming that this number has been reduced below 400 following lockdowns in hotspots.

Whereas, officials in the capital administration also shared the numbers, stating that the highest number of Covid-19 cases reported was on June 14 – that was 771 in a day. On the very next day, the figures fell to 635, after which no further fall was recorded.

Talking about Islamabad only…

  • June 16 – 288 cases and three deaths 
  • June 17 – 385 cases and five deaths
  • June 18 – 395 cases and seven deaths
  • June 19 – 304 cases and four deaths
  • June 20 – 338 cases and one death 
  • June 21 – 383 cases and three deaths 
  • June 22 – 250 cases and five deaths 
  • June 23 – 307 cases and two deaths 
  • June 24 – 264 cases and seven deaths

Since two sub-sectors of G-9, two sub-sectors of I-8, and I-10 were sealed in the last week as these six areas were identified as hotspots with a high level of transmission, with a hope to further control the spread in coming days; four more regions in three sub-sectors were also sealed yesterday.


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