Covid-19 survivors should donate plasma


Ajmal Khan Wazir, adviser to information chief minister requesting all the patients who have recovered from Covid-19, to donate their blood plasma for transfusion to other patients.

During a visit to the Hayatabad Medical Complex, he said; “The transfusion of plasma from recovered Covid-19 cases helps with the fast recovery of patients.” 

In a meeting with Dr Shehzad Akbar, director of Hayatabad Medical Complex medical, was briefed on the situation regarding the epidemic.

Mr. Wazir Khan also met nurses, doctors, and other paramedic’s staff, and praised them for fighting coronavirus.

He also said that he had shown the appreciation and express solidarity for the efforts of the HMC’s medical staff against the virus, while visiting different wards of the complex involved in the anti-coronavirus fight. 

While talking about plasma donation, Mr. Wazir also appreciated journalists over. He said the virus patients from across the province and bordering Afghanistan were being treated in Peshawar hospitals, while doctors, paramedics and other health workers had endangered their lives to care for the coronavirus patients.

The adviser also said that the entire nation, especially the residents of KPK, should follow the guidelines issued by the government for virus control and prevention.

He warned that if the residents didn’t follow SOPs, the Covid-19 incidence could surge, then the influx of patients to hospitals would create problems for doctors and health workers.


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