Amid 30 countries, Pakistan is the one with rock bottom when it comes to the Income Which owns the largest number of COVID-19 cases. Pakistan can’t even be the snippet of these high middle class countries in order to reinforce the vulnerable in these uncertain times of pandemic.  Our Prime Minister is wavering the decision of imposing a lockdown nationwide, is effecting quite of the economical conditions.

    Nevertheless, among the 30 countries Pakistan embraces the higher rank of poverty, It directs that the country will not only be confronting the major catastrophe but also the response the to COVID 19 patients will fall-off!

    As governments around the globe scuffling the decisions of lockdown to maintain the scale of social distancing, Business stick to the change in decisions which are being made. As each business is looking forward to the conclusion which will have the news of easing up the routine like before.

     Most of the ventures are figuring out on how to carry on with safety and precautions so they can re operate. This is the phase that has been all the businesses badly worldwide and everyone seems going down whilst these critical situations

    . Announcement of resuming businesses will be on the basis of safety precautions and even more restrictions to be complied. and other required measures in this our break called coronavirus. It is going to be a challenging situation hitting back the normal  routine or back to grind but with a total different perspective, If we talk about the hospital sectors then need to extend the safety proportions.  .

    We all individuals exit the covid 19 crises, we all will be stepping in to a new Norm. All the firms and organizations get to make some adaptations in their markets, consumers,  and some new strategies to take it to level it was back then in order to elevate their business and overcome the ground loss.. An inclusion of new way of working and other additions of policies are about to be added in each firm.


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