Exams or no exams – the mystery will be resolved today


The federal government, along with interprovincial education ministers and the National Coordination Committee (NCC), has informed earlier that all the educational institutions will remain closed till July 15 and all board examinations have been cancelled. 

Board students, that are around four million, are uncertain about the impact of this decision on the future strategies that boards will adopt, and yes, on their academics as well.

Shafqat Mahmood – Minister for Federal Education – told a news channel that a new policy addressing students’ concerns will be made public today (Monday), after final stakeholder meeting

“We are preparing a comprehensive policy to address all the major issues being raised by the students and parents. On Monday, after a final meeting, we will make our new policy related to exams public,” he added.

The NCC had already decided that 10th and 11th grade students will be promoted on the basis of their previous year’s results, while 9th and 10th grade ones will be promoted without the exams. 

Instead, according to Mr Mahmood, 9th and 11th grade students will have to take composite exams next year, hinting that 9th and 11th grade students could also be given a choice to either opt composite exams or (if any) specifically designed ones.

Asking about university exams, such as for bachelors and masters programmers, Mr Mahmood universities are autonomous and the ministry will not interfere in their operations.

He also said that the response on tele-school was encouraging, adding that the government has plans to launch a radio channel, exclusively for students of different grades along with other technology-based initiatives.

Talking about the fee concession, he said that since the closure of schools has been extended to July 15, the Private Educational Institution Regulatory Authority (Peira) should extend the concession as well.


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