How to lift Mood during the Pandemic?

lift your Mood

Let’s be honest: Staying positive is becoming tough as the virus is making news; even in the best of times, keeping a cheery (or even just calm) attitude can is nearly impossible. 

Even a pretty positive person gets annoyed sometimes; it’s hard to discover silver linings amid rising death tolls, economic crunch, and leader inquiring injecting disinfectants.

Please forget all that, for a moment, by the way!

We are here with some interesting ways to lift Mood during a time like this, thanks to therapists, for helping us with what on Earth can lift our moods.

A doctor at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York explained that it’s been difficult for us to maintain a sense of peace during this Pandemic, and it’s because we are being to actually act out behaviors that are of depression. 

Think about all the SOPs, safety measures – like we are asked to be isolated, keep away from loved ones, spend most of the time inside, with little to no contact with the outside world – all are somehow mimicking depression.

Anyways, their ere are a few (super simple) practices that can easily be done every day to keep our spirits stable, not high, during a time when everything is decidedly unstable.

Before we start, ask yourself…

 ‘What makes me happy?’

I know it’s not easy to recall a good time before all of this madness started, but feel normal; we have to concentrate on things that bring joy to you, as soon we will be in the pre-pandemic state, Insha’Allah! 

The meaning of happiness, joy, satisfaction, pleasure… is different to everyone, of course. It could just be spending time with family, getting in a good workout, connecting with spirituality, jogging, outing, or else. 

Once identified, make a plan to do more of it; actually, it’s a type of treatment that therapists use to lift peoples’ moods. 

Treat yourself, first in the morning.

Being stuck in quarantine means getting up and doing the same thing day after day, causing ourselves to develop a maddening sense of repetition, which is both exhausting and irritating, especially waking up to this bizarre reality again and again.

A good way to counter this is to treat yourself to something other-than-ordinary or indulgent in the morning; try something you normally wouldn’t do to yourself, like what? Like trying a new coffee creamer, breakfast recipe, spa-like shower instead of your normal rinse off, or go in the best way – a morning meditation.

Remind yourself of everything you have, and be thankful for.

The bad news is everywhere, and if you spend your most time on the Internet, you’ll going to confront a lot of horrifying discoveries; so, try to balance the scale of positive and negative news in life.

For this, we recommend you download an app called Three Good Things; this app will help you remind to log three things you’re grateful for.

Don’t worry; we are not asking you to log three big wins every day, rather keep it simple; just mention three parts of your day that went well; you can do this in a notebook too.

Schedule your WORRY-time.

Though sounds counterproductive at first, if you do this correctly, it will actually help you worry less; scheduling time to worry is a practice often recommended to patients with anxiety. 

It’s not like to take any time and wallow in the bad news; instead, make a structure of this practice, like pick a 20-minute time slot everyday day and get yourself worried. And yes, don’t forget to set a timer so that you know when the worry-time is over.

A bonus tip: Use your pent-up energy to creative advantage.

I know: we’ve had enough of people telling, like, start a book, puzzle or something – they are right! 

Doing something creative takes all our attention, distracting us from this troubling time; so, if you’ve been waiting for long to – learn knitting, start your own coloring book, or creative writing (guilty!) – Now’s the time to jump into it. Don’t forget our number one priority – keep yourself healthy and well, and worry not, we all are the same in this Pandemic; nobody is racing ahead of you.


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