International flights are allowed to resume


Pakistan’s all international airports other than Turbat and Gwadar, are finally allowed to resume their operations from Saturday; make sure that international flights are resumed only for outbound passengers.

Abdul Sattar Khokhar, a spokesman from the Aviation Division informed in a press conference that the federal government had allowed outbound international flights – chartered, scheduled, and non-scheduled flights, right from 11.59pm on Saturday night.

He also said that both national and foreign airlines will operate outbound flights, which means that planes will take passengers from all international airports of Pakistan and come empty, with the exception of Gwadar and Turbat.

He said that SOPs for outbound international flights had been issued according to which airlines should follow the SOPs of the destination country, ensuring the disinfection of aircrafts and no congestion at airports is allowed.

The government suspended flight operation of chartered, international passenger, and private flights to and from Pakistan from March 21 to May 30, due to a surge in the number of coronavirus patients across the country; though domestic flights operations resumed from five major airports from May 16, whereas, special and cargo flights were operating throughout the lockdown.

“Additionally, diplomatic, special and cargo flights to and from Pakistan shall also be permitted,” the spokesman said.


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