It is difficult to track contacts of Covid-19 patients.

    contacts of Covid-19 patients

    Our local health department is facing the challenge of testing Covid-19 patients; according to officials, people are not giving swabs for laboratory analysis, fearing that if their reports turn out to be positive, their areas will face smart lockdown.

    Although the government adopted the smart lockdown strategy on the national and international guidelines, it’s hard to trace the contacts of the positive cases.

    According to the NCOC guidelines, the health department is recommended to the district administration and home department to enforce smart lockdown in the areas with a high number of cases.

    Officials said, “If the number of Covid-19 positive cases in a union council or village council reaches 500, then the health department asks the district administration to enforce smart lockdown and close the exit and entry points there”.

    They informed that after finding a confirmed case, they conduct contact tracing – at least ten swabs from the people in the surrounding areas.

    Officials also said that the imposition of smart lockdown depends on the number of coronavirus cases in a specific area.

    According to them, the number of tests reduced by 50 percent in the past couple of days, which was not a good sign; to stem transmission of the virus, with every positive case, there are at least ten suspected cases that needed to be tested and isolated.


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