One in 10 Diabetics with Coronavirus dies within days of hospitalization, study suggests


 According to a study, 10 percent of diabetic patients can die within seven days of hospital admission due to Coronavirus; the survey conducted among more than 1,300 patients (two-thirds of the patients were men) with the average was 70, who were admitted to 53 French hospitals from March 10 to March 31; the report has published in the journal Diabetologia.

The researchers said,

“The presence of diabetic complications and increased age increase the risk of death”. 

They also said,

“Increased BMI” — body mass index, a ratio of height to weight — “is associated with both increased risk of needing mechanical ventilation and with increased risk of death.”

However, the report also revealed that worsening blood sugar control did not seem to impact a patient’s outcome. Even microvascular complication like affecting the kidney, eyes, and nerves was found in nearly half of the patients.

Problems like larger arteries in the heart, brain, and legs were also reported in more than 40 percent of the respective patients.

And, on the seventh day of hospitalization, having either type of complication, every fifth of COVID-19 patients had been intubated on ventilators, a tenth had died, and a quarter of patients had been discharged; patients over 75 years were 14 times more likely to die than those younger.

The study also confirmed that those patients who use insulin and other treatments to modify their blood sugar are not at risk of the most severe forms of Covid-19 – it means patients with diabetes can continue their medications during the presence of Coronavirus.

There are other significant risk factors, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and any lung disease.


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