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Pakistan- 79pc of COVID19 Transmission is local


The number of Covid-19 cases has reached the tally of 11,000 in the country with 700+ new ones surfaced in the past 24 hours; National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) revealed that 79 per cent of these cases are locally transmitted of novel coronavirus.

Since the nature of the infection is undergoing continuous changes, the government has decided to start, in a few days, a track and trace system, in which random people will be tested.

In the first week of April, it was claimed that 90pc patients were travelers from foreign countries and only 10pc cases were caused by local transmission of the virus. However, the newly gathered data showed that only 21pc cases are foreign travelers.

Maj Gen Prof Aamer Ikram, executive Director of the National Institute of Health, said that local transmission of the virus had changed the whole situation, now the policies and measures will be changed to tackle the issue. They are also placing a mechanism of testing the suspects at their homes, to restrict their mobility, as this will reduce the chances of spread of the disease.

As per the NCOC data, 

  • 124,549 tests have been conducted in the country so far, 
  • 2,337 patients have recovered, 
  • 60 are in critical condition,
  • 717 hospitals have been providing treatment and 
  • 2,779 patients have been admitted to hospitals.



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