Pakistan needs US help to de-escalate the tensity with India

    Pakistan needs US help

    On Tuesday, Aug 11, 2020, Pakistan asked the United States to play a constructive role in subverting the rising tensions with India.

    The request was put forward during virtual consultations between Sohail Mahmood (Foreign Secretary of Pakistan) and David Hale (US Under Secretary for Political Affairs Ambassador).

    During the talk, Mr. Mahmood quoted, “It was imperative to take steps to prevent escalation of tensions and to facilitate the peaceful resolution of the Jammu and Kashmir dispute.”

    Tensions between arch-rivals neighbors India and Pakistan have been there since 1947, but last year, they had spiked sharply from the moment when Delhi annexed Occupied Kashmir.

    The foreign secretary said, “India’s continuing military siege in Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) and its aggressive posturing against Pakistan pose a threat to peace and security.”

    He also pointed out the massive human rights violations by the Indian in the IIOJK. They have also intensified ceasefire violations along the Line of Control, trying to change the demographic structure of the territory. The two sides also reviewed the progress of the Afghan peace process.

    The foreign secretary further reiterated Pakistan’s desire to “forge a strong and mutually beneficial economic partnership” with the US, saying that the stability lies within the broad-based and enduring partnership between the two countries, as it’s what was being envisioned by both, Prime Minister Imran Khan and President Donald Trump.


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