SOPs for cattle markets Eid-ul-Azha issued – Punjab health ministry

    Cattle markets

    Since Eid-ul-Azha is round the corner, Punjab health ministry has issued a detailed notification, hoping to minimize the spread of Covid-19; the document contains the standard operating procedures (SOPs) that are to be followed on Eid-ul-Azha.

    Having a notification is not something new, as the government issues safety guidelines every year, but this time, a more “comprehensive and focused approach” was required to prevent the novel coronavirus from spreading while practicing the religious obligations of slaughtering animals. 

    Following are the guidelines issued by the Punjab government – for the layout of cattle markets and their location:

    • All the cattle markets should be set at designated spots – the selected localities are 2-5 kilometers outside city limits.
    • Number and size of the markets will be depend upon cattle base and transport facilities.
    • Cattle markets must fulfil these criteria
    • Markets must have sheds for animals 
    • There should having medical camps
    • Management offices with ventilation should be established
    • Markets must allocate spacious spaces for parking 
    • Entry and exit points should be separate 


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