Stranded Afghans sheltered in shops, mosques close to Torkham


Scores of stranded Afghans including children and women have taken temporary shelter that have been set up across different mosques, shops and abandoned railway tunnels located in Landi Kotal for the last couple of days in hope of moving them back to their country.

Reportedly, Pakistani authorities have allowed around 3,915 Afghan nationals to go back to their country via Torkham border on April 28; however, authorities had not made any formal announcement, about the opening of Torkham border that Afghani nationals are repatriating back to Afghanistan.

Hearing about the unannounced return of their countrymen, hundreds of more Afghans gathered near the border with the hope of going back to their country. When Pakistani authorities closed the border, the remaining Afghans, who had come to Torkham, got stranded there.

The desperate Afghans took temporary shelter in two mosques at Landi Kotal Bazaar and abandoned railway tunnels on the railway track that lead to the border point, urging authorities to allow them to go back to Afghanistan.

Out of mercy, some local traders and shopkeepers offered the desperate Afghans to stay at their empty residential and shops located near the bazaar while some shifted to their local friends’ houses.


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