The virus tests drop in the country except in Sindh


While out of the 751 new cases detected in a single day, 341 detected in Sindh only, data of the Ministry of National Health Services showed that that the number of tests reduced in all the provinces, except Sindh.

According to the ministry’s website, Sindh has conducted more tests than any other province in the last week, that was around 3,000 tests daily, about 2,000 tests carried out in Punjab, though the province’s population is almost 50 per cent of the country’s population, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa conducted 1,000 tests a day and 300 to 400 carried out in Baluchistan and the federal capital.

According to Pakistan Peoples Party’s central information secretary Mafias Shah, alleged that the move of carrying out fewer tests was intended, so that the curve can be flatten artificially flatten, giving a false sense of security to the people in other provinces.

She addressed a tweet to Dr Zafar Mirza, National Disaster Management Authority, Federal Minister for Special Initiatives Asad Umar, and the National Institute of Health, asked “Pls tell us what’s going on? Why have #Punjab, @KP, #ICT, #Baluchistan reduced their testing since April 24th?

However, Dr Mirza, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Health denied the fact, though admitted that the number of confirmed cases had dropped in provinces because of the decrease in the number of daily tests, he said, “The number of tests can be decreased due to less number of suspects.”


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