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Donating Blood

A two-minute Guide to Donating Blood

Due to COVID-19, many community blood drives are closing, which means the metropolis will soon be short of Blood; this can be settled if...
anger during covid-19

Managing Anger and Disappointments during COVID-19

I worked hard on my foreign consignment I had to cancel because of COVID-19… such a big disappointment!  There are more significant...
gym in pandemic

Are Going GYM safe during the Pandemic?

One of the businesses that give a green-signal to reopen, though reverted, is none other than our most-favorite - GYMS; amid the excitement, we...

Here’s what we have learned in Six Months of Pandemic

After half a year of this pandemic, so much to unknown and mysterious, we are sure of some of the things.

Is COVID-19 airborne?

As we all know that the World Health Organization has resisted pieces of evidence, mounting that viral particles floating indoors are one of the...
Environmental Pandemic

COVID-19, a calling of an Environmental Pandemic

Millions of gloves, masks, sanitizer bottles are piling up in oceans Conservationists are worried and warning that Covid-19 is sparking a...

THINGS to do with a problem like Covid-19?

Social distancing, frequent hand washing, and most importantly, lockdown, are the possible preventions to deal with the deadlier virus; the only debatable point that...
plasma therapy

Plasma therapy – Hopes or Hypes

A lot has been heard about Convalescent Plasma Therapy (CPT) for treating Covid-19, let's overview the framework in which the therapy is permissible.

Pakistan cannot Produce Essential Medicines

COVID-19 is the only global health challenge. It leaves the world into a state of a medical emergency; one of the subsequent yet biggest...

To be masked or not to be

IF you can think sensibly, just for a while, or talk to a coronavirus conspiracy theorist, you will realize that we cannot win...