Five-storey residential building collapsed in Lyari


Rescue efforts are being observed, recovering people trapped under the rubble of the building; scores of people are feared trapped inside, many have suffered injuries too.

According to the police, eight families were living in the unfortunate building.

A rescue operation, including charity workers, police, local government officials, and Rangers, was continued in the affected area till late; however, darkness and narrow lanes neighborhood made their work quite difficult.

The incident of negligence of civic authorities and the Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) came as a grim reminder of a similar tragedy that happened in Rizvia Society this March that claimed more than 20 lives.

Both area MNA of PTI and the Sindh governor hold SBCA responsible for the collapse

Lyari MNA Abdul Shakoor Shad said,

“Just a day ago, the residents of the building started feeling that something was wrong with the structure, they called the SBCA and the commissioner’s office with complaints that their building doesn’t look safe anymore and they need help. None of them responded and the people started planning to evacuate the building on a self-help basis. They were just in the phase of planning when all of sudden the building collapsed.”

Thankfully, rescuers pulled out many people alive from the rubble.


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