No more restrictions on congregational prayers – Sindh


Prominent clerics finally announced resumption of five-time congregational prayers at mosques, including allowed Jumatul Wida and Eid prayers across the Sindh, stressing with the guidelines issued by the federal government and social distancing.

Key members of the Sindh cabinet made this announcement at the Sindh Assembly auditorium, they also vowed to meet ulema from all schools of thought so that the successful implementation of the guidelines could be ensured.

Replying to a query Minister Syed Nasir Hussain Shah, Sindh Information and Local Bodies said, “We believe both [prayers and social distancing under the guidelines during the prayers] are necessary. Being Muslims, we cannot quit praying and firmly believe that our prayers are heard. And at the same time, we want to save people’s lives while keeping them safe from the virus. That’s why we recommend prayers with all due guidelines. Eid prayers should be held at open places and parks. At those places, where a large number of people are expected, two congregations of Eid prayers can be arranged with gaps of a few minutes.”

Flanked by Education Minister Saeed Ghani and Barrister Murtaza Wahab also appealed to religious leaders to cooperate with the government so that the guidelines can be implemented successfully.

He said. “It’s quite unfortunate that the country is facing one of the greatest challenges of its history and some of our friends are talking about imposing governor’s rule in Sindh. But let me tell them that their wish would never be fulfilled.”

Talking about the Tiger Force, he said that the Sindh government was in objection to its name, but now, extending all due cooperation and support to the force volunteers, even the chief secretary had also written a letter to the deputy commissioners in this regard.


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