No more restrictions on tourism industry in Pakistan


PM Imran Khan has finally reopened the tourism industry, and also, the National Coordination Committee gave a ‘go ahead’ call to all the overseas Pakistanis to return home after. And, for Covid-19 patients among them, self-quarantine policy has been planned.

Mr. Khan said, “But we are opening tourism, because these three to four months are important for the people associated with tourism. Otherwise more joblessness will occur at these places”.

Add to that, he said that the governments of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit-Baltistan will draft Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for reopening of the tourism industry; they will sit together and plan for their respective jurisdictions.

The PM ensured that the tourism industry will be revived once again, only if people will follow the SOPs devised by the government.

In the past 24 hours, the countrywide tally surged from 71,068 to 74,000 – so far, 29,000+ cases have been registered in Sindh, more than 26,000 in Punjab, 10,000+ in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 4,300+ in Baluchistan, 2,500+ in Islamabad, 711 in Gilgit-Baltistan, and 255 in Azad Jammu and Kashmir. The death toll also climbed up 1,520.

The decisions to further ease the restrictions at the National Coordination Committee (NCC) meeting, were taken under the presidency of PM Imran Khan.

While addressing the conference, Mr. Khan said he is not in favour of a “strict” lockdown as it would render more than 25 million unregistered or informal jobless workers. 

However, Mr. Khan also said that following the 18th constitutional amendment, provinces are free to make their decisions.

He said, “We have observed that only well-off people are observing SOPs but poor and common man do not follow precautionary measures without realizing that if we don’t take precautions then we will continue to suffer.”

Earlier today, according to some reports, it has emerged that the Punjab government is hiding the fact that there is no area in Lahore that is coronavirus-free, as more than 670,000 people in the metropolis have been detected for the viral disease.

The decisions taken at the NCC meeting also informed that the government had already prepared a Negative List of businesses that would not be allowed to reopen.

Negative List includes;

  • Education and training institutions
  • Restaurants, cafes excluding takeaways – an alternative indoor dining allowed only up to a seating of 20 people at one time with SOPs
  • All contact sports, indoor gyms, indoor sports clubs, indoor sports facilities
  • Beauty parlors and spas
  • Marriage halls, expo halls, and business centers
  • Sporting tournaments – both indoors and outdoors
  • Theme and amusement parks and arcades
  • Cinema/theatres
  • All or any activity that any provincial or district administration may see fit within their respective region that could possibly act as a hotspot for Covid-19 outbreak.


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