Resume congregational prayers at Mosques – Clerics


Prominent clerics along with some noted scholars announced resumption of five-time congregational prayers at mosques in the country, hoping that the government would not put any hurdle, saying if the uncertainty about the end of coronavirus could not stop people from activities of daily life, then why not resume congregational prayers. 

The congregation prayers were banned from the time when the countrywide lockdown was imposed in March to control the spread of coronavirus. However, with the beginning of Ramazan, the government agreed on Taraweeh prayers under the defined standard operating procedures (SOPs), and allowed a limited number of people at mosques.

The fresh announcement by the clerics from a meeting of ulema conducted at Jamia Dar-ul-Uloom Karachi where some prominent scholars and ulema including Qari Mohammad Usman, Maulana Mufti Zubair Ashraf Usmani, Qari Allah Daad, Dr Qasim Mahmood and Qazi Ahsan Ahmed, decided to resume congregational prayers. 

The meeting expressed the view that if there’s nothing sure about the coronavirus pandemic, Muslims shouldn’t leave prayers and their rituals out of fear.

Mufti Taqi Usmani said, “We appeal to the people to avail these last few blessed days of Ramazan,” added that “It’s time to return to Allah and offer prayers with all sincerity and keenness. No one knows when this virus would come to an end. So in this situation we cannot quit everything in the name of precaution and fear. It’s time to reopen Masajid and offer congregation prayers.”

Mufti Usmani also appealed to the people to take all due precautionary measures while offering congregational prayers at mosques.


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