Second COVID wave is Possible if Precautions will not take seriously on Eid.

    precautions on eid

    Muhammad Usman, Primary and Secondary Healthcare Secretary, warned against a potential second wave of COVID-19 if people ignored precautions during Eid ul Azha and Muharram.

    Mr. Usman beseeched “to be very, very careful; otherwise, things can quickly spin out of hand.”

    Addressing a press, he set the template, detailing the animal markets that include sale/purchase of animals in Punjab: he added, “The situation is now relatively under control, but any mistake can reverse it quickly, as happened following Eid ul Fitr.”

    Mr. Usman also pleaded: “COVID positivity has dropped to six percent against 31pc in June. The number of critical patients has declined, and the recovery rate has improved to 60pc. The number of tests dropped not because of capacity issues, but due to fewer requirements. All these signs show that the situation is under control.”

    Talking about the dwindling number of tests, Dr. Mahmood Shaukat, chairman of the Corona Expert Advisory Group, said that it was not utilizing the entire testing capacity of 12,000.

    However, he also pointed out one of the hitherto neglected or less-focused areas: post-COVID-19 assessment of patients. There have been many reports that show mental stress is taking a heavy toll on some of the recovered patients.


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