Sindh – Easing restrictions on Public Transport will not happen anytime soon


Despite an appeal from Prime Minister Imran Khan to normalize lifestyle while following SOPs, the Sindh government said NO to lift the ban on public transport as it believed that the operation of buses and ride-hailing services will possibly turn Karachi, and some other cities of Sindh, into Italy and Wuhan.

Syed Awais Shah, Sindh’s Transport Minister, categorically ruled out the resumption of the public transport, following a sharp rise in Karachi and other cities of the province. He asked the PM to consult experts before sharing any thoughts on the matter.

The transport minister said “As the PM of the country we respect his views and suggestions,” right after the PM’s televised address where he gave a number of suggestions and prospects of life with the threat of the coronavirus

He said, “but we can’t allow public transport services. We are seeing cases rising every day and in this situation, it would be absolutely a wrong decision to allow buses and other vehicles of public transport on roads to add risk to the people’s lives.”

To support his argument, he cited the violation of the standard operating procedures (SOPs) and government guidelines that were witnessed among traders, buyers, and some industrial units when the lockdown was relaxed and allowed to resume their operations.


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