Testing is not enough to gauge decline in COVID-19 cases: Dr. Zafar Mirza

    Testing is not enough

    Dr. Zafar Mirza, special Assistant to the Prime Minister has said that the trends regarding the novel coronavirus are showing improvement throughout the country, but sadly, conducting less number of tests is not enough.

    He said to a news channel, “I believe we should not put everything on number of tests. We have passed from spike in mid-June. The testing is a factor, but it should be considered that the number of suspects has been reduced. We have collected data from hospitals and majority of them, apart from a few in Sindh, have told us that less number of people have been visiting hospitals.”

    Of the 264,593 cases reported, 204,276 patients have fully recovered, indicating that cases have dropped to 60,317 only, but if we look at the data of last 24 hours, that is 1,777 cases and 47 deaths, how one could believe on the national tally?

    The actual reason of the significant drop is the decreasing number of daily tests, despite knowing the fact that more than 2,200 patients died since June 20. 

    However, the government is also been facing criticism from opposition parties for a drop in per day testing threshold, it was 34,000/day in the last month, but from the last week of June and till now the number of daily testing decreased to 18,000, triggering skepticism about the real number of cases in the country.

    Other than testing mechanism, according to Dr. Mirza, the immunity level, changing nature of virus, and as well as the rising temperature could also be some of the reasons behind the reduction in cases, and yes, there is no doubt that patients’ management had also improvised.

    Upon asking about Eid-ul-Azha, he said, “I am not worried about Eid prayers as people follow the SOPs during prayers. I fear that the people may not follow the SOPs at cattle markets and in others markets during Eid shopping as they did the same on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr.”


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