The Hardest HIT of Coronavirus is the Americas World Health Organization


At present, the Americas are facing the brunt of the global coronavirus pandemic at present; according to the World Health Organization (WHO), both North and South America are currently four of the 10 worst COVID hit countries in the world.

Mike Ryan, the WHO’s top emergency expert said that the disease is “highly active” in Central and South America, highlighting the problems rising in Brazil and Mexico.

In a press conference, he said that the current situation in Brazil, which is becoming one of the global hot-spots for the virus, is worsening, especially across heavily-populated cities, while the country’s health system “still coping”, even though some intensive care units are at a critical stage due to heavy pressure, having with more than 90% bed occupancy rates.

Brazil is the second worst hit country, with more than 800,000 cases and 41,000 deaths. Whereas, in Mexico the number  confirmed cases of COVID-19 has nearly reached 130,000  with more than 15,000 deaths, the WHO said.

Though, both countries lag behind the United States, where the cases crossed 2 million and nearly 114,000 deaths.

Ryan said, “We are very much in the upswing of this pandemic, particularly in the global South, some countries are having trouble exiting so-called lockdowns as they are seeing an increase in cases.”


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