The lockdown will be eased by May 9 -The Federal Cabinet

The-lockdown-will-be-eased-by-May-9 -The-Federal-Cabinet

The federal cabinet approved gradually easing lockdown restrictions in the country after May 9 – it has decided to open the earning facilities that empower workers and daily wage earners but with the strict implementation of the coronavirus-related preventive SOPs suggested by the government.

The National Coordi­nation Committee (NCC) is planned to meet today in which the soft opening of businesses and industries in the wake of easing restrictions will be decided by the Centre and provinces.

Shibli Faraz, Infor­mation Minister, said at a post-cabinet meeting press conference…

“Prime Minister Imran Khan, who always remains concerned about poor, daily wage earners and weak segments of society, decided that small businesses and transport to some extent should be reopened so that these people could have a chance to earn.” 

He also informed that the prime minister warned that the threat from the viral disease is not over and could possibly strike again if the nation will not follow the government’s SOPs.

Despite a surge in Covid-19 cases that is around 22,000 with more than 500 deaths in the country, the government approved to ease lockdown and allowed to open businesses and sectors; both Punjab and Sindh have announced lockdown relaxations, allowing reopening of businesses like  automobile and spare parts, garment/cloth, shoes, etc.

But still, the prime minister urged the nation to maintain social distancing and follow SOPs, while the lockdown is lifting gradually. 


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