To be masked or not to be


IF you can think sensibly, just for a while, or talk to a coronavirus conspiracy theorist, you will realize that we cannot win the COVI-19 fight with the current presumed popular theory.

Go out and get the popular conspiracy theory that says hospitals are paying patients around Rs5 lakh to get their loved deceased’s to declare as corona-virus related; if you have a good sense of humor, you will laugh. 

Now, think logically, instead of spending Rs. 5lac, you could have hired a target killer for far less — around just Rs1, I am talking a proper professional and then pocket the rest; isn’t a good yet more comfortable bargain for hospitals? 

Just pause your train of thoughts and wonder why hospitals would want to do such things, you might see someone saying that it gets exciting because this isn’t just a payment, it’s an investment for them! 

Okay, but investment in what? You may ask!

The popular belief on this is the debt relief and aid money; the cast of conspirators would blame the government, saying that the authorities want to inflate Pakistan’s Covid-19 numbers to get millions (some will say billions) of dollars, whoever is handing out the said money. 

covid 19

All thanks go to Nabil Gabol, who is the WHO (World Health Organization), striking a deal to pay $3,000 to the Covid-19 victims’ families; interestingly, the WHO is somehow managing this despite being strapped for cash itself.

So, finally, we have the WHO handing money to the government, which will then give some chunks of that money to the hospitals who will finally hand it over to the relatives of deceased patients, including those who are mis-declaring their deceased loved ones as Covid-19 victims. 

Interestingly, all of this also ties in with the prime minister’s plan to get Pakistan’s debt written off; and as a proof, he just called for it at the World Economic Forum about this. Want another real, hardcore, undisputed fact? Most of the time, our PM refuses to wear a mask, making the IMF throw free money at them, right?

We always do what we are best at: remain in denial.

We will talk about this later because now let’s face it; there is no such thing as the coronavirus, rather a fact or better to say a conspiracy by the global elite/ Illuminati/ Freemasons, where Learned Elders of Zion is playing a supporting role, while this conspiracy is secretly led by the vaccine-mongering Bill Gates who made us fake-sick by planting 5G towers and get us to ingest a vaccine loaded with nanoparticles that are controlling us, and resultantly, turning humanity into the acolytes of the Illuminati/Antichrist/Freemasons – I am saying this because I saw it on YouTube.

Things apart, let’s say, just for the sake of argument that all exist, having said, does that mean that Pakistanis should be worried? No, not at all, after all, we all are beyond blessed, high above other nations with a magical resistance to not only this virus, but all other illnesses (if that turns out to be true I’ll eat my words, make you believe I never said this) and thus can throw all the cautions to the wind like so many airborne droplets.

We are playing hide-and-seek with a four-year-old who closed his eyes while standing, and feels that since he can’t see you, you can’t see him too; sound amusing, right?

Until we realize that this is precisely our national approach, especially during the long, dark years of terrorism until many thousands of people died and we realized to the fact that terrorism in Pakistan was real, and sadly, primarily perpetrated by our ‘own’ people.

Social distancing

Now compare that to the coronavirus, coughing in the face of SOPs and spitting at social distancing.

However, if you are one of those fortunate species who still believe that Covid-19 is a real danger, then please wear a mask; and frankly speaking, having a mask doesn’t have to be so expensive

We are not asking you to wear a mask 24/7, but at least when going in closed yet crowded spaces and wherever you are in close contact with someone else.

Yes, please note that masks are not meant for the chin, they are supposed to be worn on the face, which is what our press conference-obsessed politicians also believe it to be true.

So, don’t hide or reduce your double chin with a face mask, like some modern-day face corset are doing. 


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